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Summer’s End Jam by yossy arefi on Flickr.
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Artists to Check out: Keaton Henson
So fragile, so angelic! Those are some of many words to describe singer-song writer Keaton Henson. Henson is a 26 year old English musician, poet and artist from London. The artist suffers from anxiety which results in his rare concerts; he spends most of his time drawing, writing and recording in his bedroom. Keaton’s works reflect the darker things of life. Winsome yet provoking , his art is reminiscent of the famous quote by Caser A. Crus - “Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable”.
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untitled by Anna Ådén on Flickr.
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»WHEREis? by Frederick Mc Donald«
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winter window by oakmoss on Flickr.
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citrus tart by hannah * honey & jam on Flickr.
is it still you? i mean, have you changed your url or what? i can't find your love story and it was the cutest thing ever! by Anonymous

ahm this is my other blog, i changed my url but loved this one so i kept it. 
but my new url is: banana-chai